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Akashi Seijuro

Seijuro Akashi is the feared captain of the Generation of Miracle. He is the only person the other Generation of Miracles listens to. He now plays with Rakuzan High and is competing in the Winter Cup. Akashi now serves as the main antagonist in the story.

Akashi is rather small for being the captain of the Generation of Miracles, he is only 173 cm tall. He has medium, slick red hair. His eyes are large and he has vertical pupils. He has a very oval face. Color pages have shown that Akashi has heterochromatic eyes, with his right eye being red and his left being yellow/orange. It was shown in a recent chapter that back in middle school, Akashi's eyes were both red. It might have changed sometime in middle school

Akashi has a very strange personality. He can be very intimidating at times and has the power to control the Generation of Miracles. Even though he doesn't have much respect for others, he respects all his teammates from Generation of Miracles and has faith in their abilities. He has a strong winners-mentality, thinking that winners get everything in life and losers are denied everything. In contrast to this philosophy, he doesn't care for winning at all. He thinks that winning for him is a given and has so lost the feeling of victory. He also thinks that his power and skill are absolute. "He is always right and anyone who dares to defy this will regret it".

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